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Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Disclosure: This post is promoted by T.J.Maxx. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author.

Growing up, my mom always advocated the idea of saving money while still keeping my standards high when it comes to shopping. Being a traditional Asian woman and having her own business has made her pretty savvy in many different ways. At her age, most of her friends have retired already, but she still works a lot and rarely takes a day off. When my Dad asked her to go on a vacation with him and me, she always says to us that she is too busy and enjoys working. I know that she truly enjoys it and she does believe in working hard. These values were indeed passed on to me. Whenever I get to spend time with her, every conversation we have, she still inspires me. I love her and I admire her so much.

Some Sundays we would go grab lunch and spend the afternoon shopping together. I really enjoy spending one-on-one time with her. We browse things together, ask each other’s opinions after trying on different pieces and chat about a lot of things in life too. In the past she has taken me to T.J.Maxx and has told me that I can find great pieces at great prices. She loves picking up clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and home items for friends, my Dad, me and herself there.

While spending time with my Mom in T.J.Maxx, I discovered that I could find quite a few fashionable items that fit me every day for work and yet still stay within my budget like clothes and bags etc. They are actually very stylish and on-trend. You girls know when it comes to style, I’m very picky and specific about what I like. For example, I picked up this work outfit from T.J.Maxx with my Mom the other day, which included a vest, shorts and a clutch. They were great bargains! The vest can elevate your style immediately and is good for both work and going out. I love these cute shorts, which are the perfect length, not too short, great for running around to meetings, going to labs and doing some engineering work at my desk. Foldable clutches are pretty popular these days, I love the style especially the stitches on the side and the color too. I can not just wear this outfit to work, but also can go straight to happy hour after work with this outfit. How awesome!

My last visit with my mom there, I also bought a sports bra, crop pants for the gym and some candles for home. We saw a few very nice ties, so I picked up one for my Dad as a Father’s Day gift and another one for Mr. SF. I can easily find a lot of things I need there at great prices and it just makes my life easier. Do you shop at T.J.Maxx too for a maxx life? :)

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