Hi loves! I’m Sasa and I wanted to tell you about myself and why I decided to start this blog. As a young girl, I grew up in Shanghai. Some of my fondest memories growing up were when I received presents from my sweet aunts living in Japan and Australia. Whenever I opened their gifts, which would usually be cute outfits from abroad, I couldn’t help but have the biggest grin on my face for days on end. On top of having thoughtful and trendy aunts, my dad was incredibly fashionable. Looking back at pictures of him, I swear he could be mistaken for Elvis (a Chinese looking version of course…hehe). These influences really kindled my passion for fashion at an early age.      

One day my best friend told me about a show called Sex and the City. Being a hopeless romantic, I was hooked after one episode. I drooled over their beautiful and elegant tops, skirts, dresses and of course their shoes! Sex and the City and those Manolo Blahniks opened my eyes to how diverse the fashion world was and I knew I had to find my way to Fifth Avenue. 

Luckily, I found a job in New York City and jumped at the chance to fulfill my dream of living in the Big Apple. I’m absolutely blessed to live in the perfect place to explore all my fashion related interests. Modern art and ancient motifs all come together in this amazing city. After a few years, I enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology, which I credit for building my foundation of knowledge to grow from.

At the end of the day, style is a way to express myself. I love making statements via fashion without saying a single word. That big grin from when I was a little girl comes back when I’m out and strangers come up to me and ask me where I got an article of clothing, a pair of shoes or an accessory of mine and when friends ask me my opinion on what they should wear to match a certain dress or what outfit to wear for that always important first date. However, honestly, I’m still a little girl in awe of all that fashion encompasses and how it continues to evolve. There’s no doubt that I’m still learning and the goal of this blog is to have another vessel to express myself and to share with you my ideas and style.

Thank you so much loves for your support!


  1. Great to read the background of your blog!


  2. like you and your blog.

  3. I enjoyed reading your "about me" page. Love your blog! You have a new follower! :)

  4. Love this color combo!! Super pretty! xo

  5. Hello... "Greetings from Myanmar"
    I just found your blog site and love it ...


    check out mine too

  6. Love your blog! I too hope to live in NYC one day. Keep it up :)


  7. Just stumbled on your website via Liketoknowit on instagram. Lovely blog about yourself! Your fashion sense I love also! Looking forward to seeing more of your fashions! Suzy from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

  8. Greetings, Sasa! WhileI don't visit "Shall We Sasa" often, I do admire you for having such unique fashion sense. I do admire your style from seeing your various LOOKBOOK posts. Nothing is basic about your style since you wear so many interesting garments. Whether it is a one-shoulder palazzo jumpsuit or the loveliest of off-shoulder dresses, you are incredible. Keep up the great work with all that you do. Please take care and be well.



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