Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hi, loves! Can you believe that today is the last day of 2013? I truly cannot. So many things that happened this year feel as if they just occurred yesterday. I honestly have to admit that this past year has been the best year of my life. And much of it is due to the fact that I started Shall We Sasa this past April.

I’ve been so fortunate to travel around the globe this year from Shanghai and Seoul in Asia to Cancun in Central America to London and Rome in Europe. Within the United States I’ve made a number of trips to some major cities such as Miami and Washington DC on the East coast, Chicago in the Midwest and of course just recently over the holidays to San Francisco on the West coast. Life never ceases to amaze me and definitely exceeded my expectations this year. My two top 2013 New Year resolutions were to visit London and to pass my CCIE written lab exam (one of the top achievements/certifications for a network engineer). I crossed off London from my list, but I never got around to finishing my CCIE exam. My passion led my life down another path. No matter how good I could be in the networking engineering world, it could never compete with where my heart is here at Shall We Sasa. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the beginning of this journey with me as much as I have.

Someone asked me what my fondest memory of 2013 was. I can’t pick just one since I’ve had so many of them from the day Shall We Sasa officially launched to the first time I collaborated with a brand to the first time I attended NYFW with my name on an official press pass. Throughout the year I’ve met so many inspiring designers, editors, bloggers, models and photographers. I am truly grateful for having had this opportunity. And of course more important than anyone without you guys, none of this would have happened. With the year coming to an end I scrolled through all my looks and picked some of my favorites from my Lucky 2013. Are you ready to start a sure to be amazing 2014 with me? Thank you so so much for all the support and love. Cannot wait for another year with all of you!

From Sasa with Love


  1. I have that Kenzo pouch in larger size!
    it's just dashing yet stylish!
    Happy New Year~


  2. Sounds like you had an amazing year! Congratulations on everything you have accomplished! Wishing you the best of luck in 2014!


  3. nice, love the looks :)


  4. Happy I found your blog, your style is amazing and happy new year!! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin', hope you can follow back!



  5. Happy new year to you!
    I also invite you on my $200 giveaway :)

  6. Hello,
    This is absolutely perfect !
    Congratulations for your blog I love it !


    Kisses <3


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