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One of the best decisions I've made this holiday is to get a Christmas Tree! I've never bought any tree during my renting days and this is the first holiday we are spending in our new place in San Francisco. It finally feels like a home and it puts a smile on my face every time I see it. The magic of a Christmas Tree:P 

This is how the final decoration looks like. The first picture is with light in the room. 
 This is how my Christmas tree looks like without light. 

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7.5' Frosted Christmas Tree: here(similar one here on sale; This one on sale also has really great online reviews)


Round Silver Ornaments: here (50 of them of only $15)
Round Gold Ornaments: here
Gold wird ribbons: here (comes in 6 different kinds; good for tree decor, topper and gift wrapping)
White ribbons:here (good to mix with the golden ribbons)
Gold Pine Picks: here (more prettier in person)

Wrapping pager and gift boxes

Golden line wrapping paper: here
Polka dot wrapping pager: here
Small dots wrapping pager: here
3 while and gold gift boxes: here

Living room

Tree skirt: here
LED light: here (comes with remote control )
Rugs: here (on sale)
Throw: here
Mirror Tray: here
Candle: here

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Decoration Steps:

Christmas Tree

  • This is the base of everything. If you have a good tree, it'll look so pretty by itself without any decoration. It just saves you so much time and money. 
  • After researching, I prefer flocked and frosted artificial Christmas tree because it looks prettier and the snow feels real nowadays. 
  • Some people prefer real tree and like the smell of the real tree, but the nice thing about these flocked tree is you can re-use them for at least a few years. They usually come with a few years warranty as well. Just think about the cost per use each year:P 
  • Mine is 7.5' tall and with 700 LED light pre-lit so I don't need to install any lights. Very convenient. 
  • It comes in 3 parts and super easy to install. 
  • Let me show you girls how it looks when I first received it. Am I right? So pretty already!!!

  • I first put on these silver ornaments all over the tree. 50 of them for only $15! Can't find better deal than this. 
  • Then I added these golden ornaments around. 
  • I added these golden pine picks. My goodness! These pine picks are just so beautiful and they are more beautiful than it looks on their website. 
  • One order of pine picks comes in 4 of them. I ordered 8 of them in total. 
  • You can add some tree snows to fill in any gap to make the tree looks better. I couldn't find any tree online. 
  • The topper was basically just a ribbon that made by myself from these wired ribbons
  • What I love about these wired ribbons are they come in 6 different types so that I can mix and match. Besides decorating the tree, make a topper, I can also use them to wrap gifts. 

  • Here is how I made the ribbons on my tree. 
  • So I picked one type of golden ribbon from these wired ribbons
  • Mix it with these white satin ribbons
  • I cut both ribbon for about 15'' each. Stack them together. Wrap both ends with the wired ribbons. Then put both ends into the tree. 
  • Mixing two ribbons give the ribbon more texture and makes the ribbon looks nicer. 

  • I used this, this and this wrapping paper wrapped three gifts
  • These 3 gift boxes comes in different sizes are total for $10. Such a great deal. Most importantly, they look so pretty. I'd be happy to receive these gifts. 
  • Then I have some LED lights to make the floor looks nicer. 

Hope this helps! Let me know if you girls have any questions, I'm happy to answer:) 

Can't wait for Christmas already!! I hope you girls get your tree ready soon:P

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