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Inter realsense, dell venue8 7000 series tablet review, fashion blog, fashion and tech

Inter realsense, dell venue8 7000 series tablet review, fashion blog, fashion and tech

As you guys know I’ve been traveling a lot for work and leisure, juggling between my full-time engineering job and blogging. It’s really hard for me to carry my SLR all the time. Especially when I’m traveling for work to North Carolina or California, it’s not possible to travel with an extra laptop when I already have to carry two laptops for my engineering work. I’ve been looking for a better option and I’m just so so so happy that the Intel powered Dell Venue 8 7000 series tablet has made everything easier and possible for me. It’s become my new best friend.

-Pretty and Easy to Carry Around

The tablet is only 6mm thin and it’s actually the thinnest tablet in the world. It’s so light and can slip right into my purse. It’s pretty and easy for me to carry around when I’m traveling or even hanging out with friends in the city. The 8.4" OLED infinity touch display and incredibly vivid 2560 x 1600 resolution with 361PPI are just so gorgeous :P

-Taking Photos

Photos are definitely essential for blogging. This tablet is the world’s first tablet with the Intel® RealSense™ Snapshot Depth Camera. It has three cameras, which create a high definition depth map that enables re-focusing and selective filtering that makes it great for editing.

-Editing Photos

This is my favorite part of the tablet.

1) Re-focus feature. Sometimes I ask my coworker or a stranger to take a pic of me when I’m traveling. Instead of worrying about if they’ll know where to focus the picture, I can always re-focus my photos later. You know how hard it is to ask people to take a picture for you again and again if the picture doesn’t turn out to be what you originally wanted. No matter where you focus your lens when you snap a picture, you can re-focus afterward to highlight any section of the image you want. If I want to emphasize some of the details in the picture, I just blur the rest of the picture. It’s so easy to accent the focal point of my picture.

2) Depth editing. Depth filters use the background and the foreground to apply filters. I tap the area where I want to focus and then drag left, right, up or down to adjust the size of the focal point. The color of the picture is more vivid after the adjustment.

3) Easy to adjust brightness, contrast and application of all different kinds of filters. It also allows you to measure any object in a scene.

-Photo Gallery

After blogging for almost two years, I have Terabytes of photos from my phone, my computer, my Facebook and my Dropbox. It’s not easy to organize all of them well, especially when I need to search for specific photos. The Galleries brought all my photos from my phone, computer, Facebook and my Dropbox into one single timeline view. All photos taken on that day or in that month are in one place. It made photo organization so much easier and beautiful. In addition, it has a smart album created for all photos automatically based on their Geo location. It’s easy for me to find them if I need to look for some of my outfit photos during my San Francisco trip for example.

-Other Features

I logged into my social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. It’s just so easy for me to receive and push the updates from and to all social medias. Sending emails, listening to music and managing my calendar are all done with ease. It has everything I need for Shall We Sasa.

I couldn’t be happier with this pretty little tablet. Such a light weight and thin tablet has a powerful processor and has made my blogging life so much easier. What portable device do you use to make your life easier? Thank you so much for reading and have a great day :)

Intel makes new and exciting technologies possible, like the Intel® RealSense™ snapshot camera technology in my Dell Venue 8 tablet


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  2. This sounds like a really helpful tool. I'm just starting out with blogging but in the future this could be helpful.


  3. Sounds like an amazing tool to enable blogging during business trips! Love it!

  4. Makes it super easy to post!

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  5. Looks like a great tool on the go!
    xo, Jane

  6. Love love love this post! Happy Friday! XO

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  7. This is awesome, I totally need to get one of these! They look so cool, and great for all that traveling.


  8. I love this. pretty useful :)

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  9. Interesting!

  10. Just lovin' your bag!!! FANTASTIC!
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  11. I got to say this we have a tablet. I hate it with a passion. It works I guess but in two years of messing with it I still do not know how to use it and I do not like it. Everytime we use it we get frustrated with it and its really not something I would ever buy.


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